In the heart of Copenhagen, beneath the morning sun’s enchanting glow, a love story unfolded – a full-day wedding tapestry filled with cherished moments. As the privileged photographer capturing every second, I present to you the highlights of Qinka and Adam’s extraordinary day.

Morning Radiance at Kong Arther Hotel
The day commenced at the magnificent Kong Arther Hotel, where Qinka prepared for her grand adventure. Adorned in an elegant fishtail gown, she resembled a work of art, her radiance illuminating the room.

A First Look to Remember
The first look with Adam unfolded on a romantic staircase, creating a fairytale scene. As their eyes locked, the world stood still, and a moment of pure love was suspended in time.

Sacred Bonds at Vor Frue Kirke
At 15:00, Vor Frue Kirke witnessed the sacred union, a testament to Qinka and Adam’s unwavering love. The blessing ceremony was followed by joyous celebrations, transforming the church into a stage of love.

Ørstedsparken Picnic – Celebration with friends and champagne
In Ørstedsparken, a picnic unfolded, celebrating simple pleasures and shared moments.

Danish typical infusion with Chinese tradition
A Christiania bike, symbolizing togetherness, added a touch of Danish charm. Qinka’s traditional Chinese Qipao merged beautifully with the celebration, creating a tapestry of love that transcended boundaries.

Sailing into Forever with Friendship
As evening descended, Friendship awaited at the harbor, setting the stage for a magical sailing journey. The boat danced with laughter, music, and delicious food. Friends and family reveled beneath the moonlit sky, creating a symphony of joy that echoed through the night.

Amager Beach Fireworks Finale
Nightfall brought a breathtaking fireworks display at Amager Beach, mirroring the sparkle in every eye. The illuminated sky served as a canvas for the collective expression of awe for the love that had woven its way into everyone’s hearts.

Capturing the Love Story
As the day drew to a close, I felt grateful for the opportunity to capture this love story through my lens. This Copenhagen elopement wedding is a testament to the power of connection and the beauty of unity. May these images evoke the same emotions felt on that day, reminding Qinka and Adam of the romance, elegance, and pure joy surrounding their union.