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I love telling stories through organic, elegant and sentient images.  By carving your life’s most beautiful moments, you can pass them for generations to generations.

My own passion for photography started with my dad giving me his old film camera when I was 14.  I was completed addicted to it. Seeing the world from another perspective through the lens is so interesting!  The most exciting part was waiting patiently for the film to be developed after I finished the whole roll.  Not all of them were good images, but the imperfection turned into another way of perfection. That's so fascinating.

When I was 21, I became a flight attendant in Singapore Airlines.  Through this job I get to explore the world in a young age and meet so many wonderful people.  During those years, I developed a wanderlust to explore the destinations and seen the real emotions in people.  

After got into Canon Youth Ambassador Program, I knew that I could combine my passion for photography and the ability of perceiving the true feeling together into my career.

It is an illusion that
photos are made with the camera
In fact
they are made with the eyes
the heart & the taste

I'm just like you.
 Love to dream,
love to create beautiful things,
love always being on the road. 

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+ Coffee dates with my bestie, Amanda.
+ Morning walks with my furbaby, Jet, listening to podcasts.
+ Chips & queso on a friday afternoon with a cold margarita.
+ Game nights with my husband, Jonathan, where I almost always win.
+ Spending weekends at my family's lakehouse at Lake Texoma.
+ Photographing amazing couples who are so in love and ready to take on life together!

Some of my favorite things:

I'm Suzan


my process

Let your story begin now...

The emotion and the moments unfolding before us are so precious. 
I often get tears in my eyes when the father is handing his daughter to another man, I smiles from the bottom of my heart when you two become husband and wife for the first minute and accept the love from the guests, I also dance together with you at midnight while capturing the happy crowd in the dancing floor.  

Your story will be told and be presented in a delicate and emotive way which will bring you back to the day again even after many years.

Each and every couple is different.  For me, you are the special one!  A new story, new personalities, and new love!  Photographing a new couple is a real, vivid, love story happening in front of my eyes, and I can’t quite explain the amount of joy it brings. 
I love photographing your engagement, your wedding, your maternity and your family with my full heart!  It is such a touching feeling really, watching your relationship through my lens and seeing how you two look into each other's eyes, kissing each other and in your little bubble being present together.

Why i love photographing couples in love... like you!

You are

So AM I !!!

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